What is Deep Video...?

Deep Video Live is North Texas’s first Worker Owned Cooperative Multi media network.  We are a group of artists, creators and specialists looking to own all aspects of creation of our individual types of art.

Deep Video Live serves the DIY arts community by providing skilled workers to learn from while creating unique art.

Deep Video Live is a shout out to the old meeting the new. While most will see “Deep Video” as a claim to Deep Ellum roots, it is in fact a reference to those bad ass B sides and other assorted “Deep Cuts” of music lore. 

We see all of North Texas as a home turf and invite you to come along with us as we dip into local events and showcase talent of our home grown artists. Dive into VR and join us on The Diver’s Deck as we assemble VR video recaps as well as interviews and Vlogs.  

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The Laura Flanders show does an excellent job explaining the form and function of a Worker Owned Cooperative.